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Endingen & Kaiserstuhl

Endingens historical old town, with numerous
romantic small alleys and well-preserved half-timbered
houses from the 16th and 17th century, has fascinated visitors
for many decades.
The Hotel garni Pfauen lies in a central location in the state-approved resort town, directly behind the town gate.

The market square creates a special flair in the centre. This square impresses the visitors with it’s former corn house, which is now used as the town hall. Markets and craft fairs regularly take place here. In addition there are many other historical buildings displaying elements from the Rococo, late Gothic and Renaissance periods. Baroque churches, such as the St. Martin pilgrimage church, are worth a visit. The history of various eras transports visitors into a long-forgotten age.
But what has not changed in all the centuries is the inhabitants enjoyment of life! So get going and discover the particular flair of Endingen am Kaiserstuhl.
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Surrounded by nature, wine-growing areas and fruit trees, you should definitely taste the delicious local wine! The region around the Kaiserstuhl provides the best conditions for growing wine. The Kaiserstuhl is one of the mild continental climate zones and is a superior wine-growing region due to the warm summers and comparably mild winters.

Additionally, the ground is particularly fertile due to it's volcanic origin from over 2.6million years ago. The last volcanic activity has also been dated back to this Danian time, so don't worry: the Kaiserstuhl is nowadays a peaceful mountain range. The volcanic ground is covered with loess, which serves as ventilation and a reservoir for water for the wine-growing process. The pleasant, almost mediterranean, very sunny climate improves the conditions further. That not only improves the quality of the wine, it also makes the region a resort for recuperation, where leisure and relaxation time can be enjoyed in natural surroundings.

You can really live to the full here and treat your taste buds! In the close vicinity of our hotel you can find a wide range of places to stop for a bite to eat.

We have compiled some of these together for you.
To gastronomy in Endingen

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