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200 years of the Pfauen in Endingen am Kaiserstuhl

1808For the first time the Pfauen innkeeper J.B Lösch is mentioned in the land register
1842Signing of the emigrants contract to Tovar, Venezuela in the Pfauen
1875Pfauen innkeeper Adalbert Lösch (master brewer)
188319th November: A. Lösch dies at the age of 53
1884The widow hands over ownership of the premises to the son, Franz Josef
189027th May: F.J Lösch dies at the age of 34. His wife, Anna, inherits the property.
1892Anna Lösch marries Julius Amann
1894Redesign of the facade in Jugendstil (art nouveau) style
1901Hotel licence acquired
1921June: Julius Amann Pfauen innkeeper and wife Anna nee Lösch sell to Peter Niebes, manufacturer, and his wife, Barbara nee Schreiner
1921August: Peter Feld and his wife, Maria nee Lassotto, become equal partner owners
1922Registered owner is Johann Matthias Kuhn
1953May: Registered owner is Luise Kuhn, widow
1956Registered owner is the Kuhn community of heirs
1957Registered owner is Hans Peter Kuhn
1967After 49 years the “Pfauensaal” hall ceases to be used as a cinema
1969January: Owners are the brothers Franz-Josef and Bernhard Neymeyer and their brother-in-law Leopold Schätzle
1969Marliese Neymeyer (wife of F.-J. Neymeyer) is leaseholder of Guesthouse Barbara
1970F.-J. Neymeyer is sole owner of Hotel Garni Pfauen and Guesthouse Barbara
1971Marliese Neymeyer additionally takes over the lease for the Hotel Garni Pfauen
1989Marliese Neymeyer dies on 15th December
19901st January: The daughter, Isolde Neymeyer, (trained cook and hotel manager) is lessee. With support from her father and her auntie, Mrs Ilse Völkel, (cousin of M. Neymeyer) the guesthouse undergoes six phases of modernisation. Mrs Völkel dies on 10.06.2003.
1990After more than 15 years the “Pfauensaal” hall ceases to be used as the community hall
20031st July: Transfer of ownership from Franz-Joseph Neymeyer to Isolde Neymeyer
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